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FARE INSIEME CHARITY - Stories of companies, people, communities - Ep. 0

«I want to tell stories about groups of people and the good they do for the whole community»



FARE INSIEME CHARITY is the spin-off of the FARE INSIEME project dedicated to the presentation of some onlus and non-profit associations with roots in the area around Bologna, Ferrara and Modena and that carry out extraordinarily important and crucial work for the entire community. Here are some of their stories.

by Lucrezia Lanzani*

There are about eight billion people in the world and counting. Each one is the result of a physical and mental evolutionary process that began millions of years ago and is still continuing. As animals, the main goal of humans is to survive.
"Survival of the fittest", they say. We speak of Social Darwinism when this 'struggle for survival' applies to the human species, when the 'strongest' should prevail over the 'weakest'. Being selfish beings, humans thus have as their only instinct to gain the upper hand over everything and everyone.
In his attempt to describe the State of Nature, Thomas Hobbes takes us to a reality where man is not yet part of a community, where there are no real differences between individuals. In practice, this only applies on paper, since, basically, human beings are social animals: "in order to survive they need to join a complex community, in which there is cooperation among equals, and whoever lives outside of it is evil", as Aristotle put it. Society needs the individual as much as the individual needs society, which changes and evolves every day. To facilitate this metamorphosis, codes of conduct are imposed on us to create a 'better' world, but the reality is that one person alone cannot change anything. That is why we go in search of groups, with which to emerge and do what we can to achieve better conditions and reach our goals, always together.
This is what I want to tell you about, groups of people who devote their lives to caring for others. In an ongoing struggle to combat situations of difficulty and hardship. Their stories, their reasons. Onlus organisations have deep roots in the Bologna, Modena and Ferrara area.
FARE Insieme Charity, the spin-off of the 'FARE Insieme' project, is not just a podcast about non-profit organisations. It is about all of us, about what we are driven to do for change, about the important work we do for the love of our territory. I want to tell stories about groups of people and the good they do for the whole community. Because alone you can save no one, not even yourself.

*Lucrezia Lanzani is a student at the Steam Emilia High School. She is sixteen years old and has always been interested in social issues. She has been volunteering for three years in different organisations in her community.

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