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FARE INSIEME - Ep. 185 - Sidel, that visionary company that anticipates the revolutions in the world of work

«We are a company of people. Our product is intangible, we give customers our expertise»



In the early 90s a company was established in Bologna able to respond to the new needs linked to workplace legislation. Human capital at the service of businesses. Giampaolo Colletti interviews Andrea Montaguti, CEO of Sidel SpA, for FARE INSIEME

by Giampaolo Colletti

Photocredit: Giacomo Maestri e Francesca Aufiero

«Change begins when someone sees the next step.» This was stated by William Drayton, an American entrepreneur born in 1943, one of the twenty-five best leaders in the world according to those rankings that are so popular overseas. But William Drayton was also the creator of the concept of social entrepreneur, which appeared for the first time in 1972. So, what we are about to tell you is the story of those who saw long over the years. That is, those who managed to be so far-sighted as to be able to grasp the evolutions of the labour market, before they actually happened.      

From idea to business. We are at the dawn of the 1990s, which marked a watershed in workplace safety legislation, between Maastricht and Legislative Decree 626. In Bologna there was a mechanical engineer born in 1947 who was passionate about new challenges and who in those 90s had a simple but brilliant idea: to develop a company dealing with workplace safety and hygiene. This individual was Ivan Montaguti, who will then open his new company over time with two young engineers who grew professionally with him, starting to deal with plant engineering, logistics and production layouts. Montaguti addressed the manufacturing world, but also looked at the industrial sectors. An eclectic figure, Ivan Montaguti. Over the years he was also a teacher at Aldini Valeriani, the legendary Emilian school that produced generations of entrepreneurs over the years. Let's go back to the 70s. The very first professional studio was located at Porta San Mamolo, one of the gates of the third city wall of Bologna. Then in 1991 Sidel was born. From idea to business. It all starts from teamwork because it is a company of professionals who approach the nascent world of workplace safety. «The ability to work together and the desire to study and delve deeper to give customers who rely on us new answers for new problems is the spirit of that time that remains», says Andrea Montaguti, CEO of Sidel SpA, a forty-nine year old who joined the company six years ago with a degree in management engineering in his pocket awarded from the University of Bologna and with the desire to consolidate and develop his father Ivan's creation. Over the years the company has grown and specialised its business in the sector of third-party certifications and inspections carried out under accreditation. We are in Villanova di Castenaso, an intense commercial crossroads overlooking the nearby motorway exit. Here the company works with industries, with the Public Administration, with the varied agricultural world. There is then a second operational headquarters in Bologna and more peripheral offices scattered far and wide in Italy. There is Udine. There is Cittadella, in the province of Padua. There is Turin and there is Bari, to name just the main ones. The team is made up of 31 employees and a hundred collaborators for a turnover of 6 million euros and a constant growth of up to 10% in the last 5 years.      

Company profile. Today Sidel focuses its business on a particular aspect of the world of security: that of conformity assessment. «In our business, the constant updating of the skills of our technical inspectors remains the key element. Alongside these, however, there is also the ability to serve the main customers throughout Italy, maintaining the quality of the service constant», specifies Montaguti. Here the technological capital, which we have talked about many times, gives way to human capital, which is precious and immaterial. «We are a company of people. Our product is intangible, we give customers our expertise. People are the most important asset and today's processes are standardised, but standards must be continuously improved and services expanded. And then the markets are increasingly larger, but also increasingly unstable as they are threatened by geopolitical structures that change suddenly. What matters is our identity and what protects us from storms is the possibility of networking with customers, suppliers and even competitors to guarantee stability for our businesses and workers», says Montaguti. For the future we look to Europe. «We expect new opportunities from the regulatory framework supporting the Green Deal, which provides for important investments in the field of decarbonisation and the circular economy in the public sector, the industrial sector and the construction sector», concludes Montaguti. Here then is the winning recipe: moving towards the future, with clear enthusiasm.

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