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FARE INSIEME - Ep. 186 - Cartotecnica Moreschini - boxes that can contain anything (even the future)

«Over time, we have maintained the desire to discover new things»



A journey into the story of a company that had the intuition of rethinking the design and production of paper and cardboard packaging boxes in an ever-evolving world. State-of-the-art technologies, alliances on the territory and people that make a difference: that is the winning recipe. For FARE INSIEME, Giampaolo Colletti interviewed Roberto and Chiara Moreschini from Cartotecnica Moreschini

by Giampaolo Colletti

Photocredit: Giacomo Maestri e Francesca Aufiero

There was a blue rosette on the door of Giacomo Moreschini’s house, a long-standing Emilian entrepreneur. Or, actually, there were two. It was 1954, the year that marked a dual breakthrough for this entrepreneur who, the following year, would do great things by setting up a family business thanks to awareness and a dash of madness. But let’s go back to 1954 and to those two blue rosettes. That is the year when Roberto’s son was born and when the idea of a new company took shape in Giacomo’s head. It was the Second Postwar period, everything still had to be sorted and nothing was in order, but there was a lot of willingness to do things. In those years characterized by the economic boom, Giacomo worked in a food cooperative and noticed that there was a demand by families for pasta in 1kg containers which, up until then, had only been sold in 25 kg sacks. After all, families had started getting smaller and food was no longer being purchased in sacks, but rather in boxes. New needs emerged for consumption that was evolving. Together with his wife Anna Maria, Giacomo succeeded in realising this or, in fact, to intervene, or, even better, to meet this demand. Cartotecnica Moreschini was born and started to grow.  

Company profile. Cartotecnica Moreschini still works using hi-tech machinery, advanced packaging and excellent professionals. But, most of all, it works by focusing on something precious and often underestimated: listening,  which is the distinctive element of this historic reality specializing in the design and production of paper and cardboard packaging boxes. “Over time, we have maintained the desire to discover new things. We make packaging that is different from standard ones. Many businesses get in touch with us due to our ability to be explorers. After all, we have changed the way we relate with those who look us up because the most relevant part of the chain nowadays is combining emerging needs with feasibility,” reports Roberto Moreschini. Chiara started working for the company in 2000 after having been steeped in the atmosphere of the company since she was young contributing with ideas, innovation and certified quality. “I started working at the company while I was studying Industrial Chemistry at University with the objective of obtaining the quality certification, which we managed to have in 2001,” explains Chiara. “Our mission was to breathe life into ideas that protect other ideas, using what nature creates while fully respecting the environment,” stress Chiara and Roberto. Roberto’s technical experience and Chiara’s managerial abilities combined with the creativity of Alessio, Chiara's husband, took the company to a new facility in Castel San Pietro Terme in 2015, covering almost 4,000 sq m a stone's through from the A14 motorway exit.

This company specializes in the consultation, design and creation of new packaging projects and provides innovative and industrialisable solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and retail sectors. A company with roots anchored in history but which also looks to the future. A few examples? Food packaging that cares for the environment and extends shelf-life made from wholly recyclable paper. This is where patents enter the field, as the best ideas need to be safeguarded to create value. “We have established alliances with local businesses and currently boast two patents. We have close relations with the manufacturers of automatic machines from the various sectors for which we operate. As for the pharmaceutical sector, for example, we are working to replace the plastic parts containing bottles and glass vials with a fully recyclable mono-material paper. The latest patent is for the food sector to limit the use of plastic,” says Moreschini. “The latest state-of-the-art equipment enabled us to tackle the e-commerce market better with machinery designed together with the manufacturers. After all, our knowledge spans over 70 years,” explains Chiara Moreschini, who is currently in charge of the company with her father Roberto. After all, this is the lesson learnt from her grandfather Giacomo. Go ahead and do it, without ever stopping and put your brain and heart into it.

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