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FARE INSIEME CHARITY - Ep. 3 – Fondazione GIMBE, spreading knowledge to improve health

«The primary aim is to improve health literacy»



GIMBE was born in 1996 in Sicily, from the intuition of the chairman Nino Cartabellotta, a doctor, now recognised as one of the most authoritative research and healthcare experts in our country, based in Bologna since 2006 and becoming a Foundation in 2010. Independent research, training and scientific information activities are the focus of the Foundation's activity in order to improve people's health and contribute to the sustainability of a fair and universal public health service. Lucrezia Lanzani interviews Elena Cottafava, general secretary of the Fondazione GIMBE, for FARE INSIEME Charity

FARE INSIEME CHARITY is the spin-off of the FARE INSIEME project dedicated to the presentation of some onlus and non-profit associations with roots in the area around Bologna, Ferrara and Modena and that carry out extraordinarily important and crucial work for the entire community. Here are some of their stories

by Lucrezia Lanzani*

“Evidence: objective importance that something has, such as to make it undeniable.” In 1996, thanks to the chairman Nino Cartabellotta, GIMBE (Gruppo Italiano per la Medicina Basata sulle Evidenze - Italian Group for Evidence-Based Medicine) was born, with the aim of spreading Evidence-based Medicine in Italy. A practice born in the Anglo-Saxon world, with the aim of encouraging the transition from an opinion-based approach to a concrete, evidence-based approach. In 2010, the Fondazione GIMBE was established. For more than 25 years, GIMBE has been disseminating and applying its “know-how” by: formulating clinical, healthcare, organisational and managerial questions; developing research strategies; producing “evidence-reports” in which summaries of the best evidence are collected and used to create real digital libraries.

“The healthcare professional must remain continuously updated through databases that contain bibliographic resources and recent studies on pathologies, this allows him/her to develop the best diagnoses and treatments for the patient”, underlines Elena Cottafava, general secretary of the Fondazione GIMBE. In 2013, the Foundation launched the #SalviamoSSN campaign, which aims to raise awareness among politicians, health professionals and citizens of the need to put the National Health Service back at the centre of public interest and not only save it, but also relaunch it, thanks also to a newly formed national civic network of people and organisations who believe in the value of public health. Furthermore, since 2016 it has published the “Report on the National Health Service” every year, a document which aims to raise awareness among the population of public health as an indispensable social value. Since that year, the GIMBE Observatory has been active to continuously and systematically monitor the responsibilities and actions of those directly involved, with the aim of obtaining the most from public funds invested in healthcare.

Over the last three years, the Fondazione GIMBE has conducted independent monitoring of the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccination campaign, disseminating information in a clear and concise way, even providing professionals, citizens and the media with simple graphics free of charge to help them understand the progress of the epidemic in Italy and around the world better. “One of the primary objectives of the Fondazione GIMBE is to improve health literacy, starting with young people. For this reason, 'La salute Tiene Banco' (Health Holds Bench) was born, a project aimed at high school students, to prepare them for a future in which they will be the true protagonists of the healthcare world, raising their awareness of the constitutional right to health protection. This consists of a series of meetings, in which over 1,000 students from schools in Bologna have already participated, which aims to provide the tools to recognise and 'fight' fake health news and fully understand the functioning of the National Health Service”, highlights Cottafava again.

“The Fondazione GIMBE is an independent organisation that does not receive any type of public funding, all projects are carried out thanks to the fees received from the provision of training and consultancy services or private donations, such as the 5×1000 or membership of the crowd-funding, which, for example, in the case of the 'Health Holds Bench' project was very successful, allowing us to guarantee new meetings to be held in other cities for the next school year”, recalls Dr. Elena Cottafava. The work that GIMBE carries out in the area is fundamental. Citizen awareness translates into adequate investments in public health. On the other hand, the state of health and well-being of the population affects the growth of the country's GDP: those who are ill, in fact, do not produce, do not consume and, often, also limit the working activity of their family members. The Foundation must therefore bring to light the evidence in the medical field and is committed to creating a future in which the population has the best medical practices available, thus contributing not only to individual health, but also to the interest of the community.

*Lucrezia Lanzani is a student at the Steam Emilia High School. She is sixteen years old and has always been interested in social issues. She has been volunteering for three years in different organisations in her community.

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