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FARE INSIEME - Ep. 198 - Malagoli Aldebrando, the "made in Modena" mould processing that looks to the whole world

«The future is made of continuous investments»



In the 1970s, the Modena district - which was admired and envied by the whole world - gave birth to a company that has become a leader in the production of moulds. Three generations combined by the same typically Modena passion for metalworking and manufacturing. For FARE INSIEME Giampaolo Colletti interviewed Enrico Malagoli, CEO of Malagoli Aldebrando.

by Giampaolo Colletti

Photocredit: Giacomo Maestri e Francesca Aufiero

This is the story of a family passion. Or, to think about it, it is the story of passion shared by a whole community, i.e. That for metalworking. After all, we find ourselves in one of the most interconnected and evolved districts in the world, made up of that Emilian skill the whole world envies us for: extreme professionalism, dedication and unrivalled resilience. And a huge passion for things done well or, actually, for things done together.       

Company profile. The story we are about to tell you began in 1961, the period of the Italian economic boom. Everything started with the manufacturing of moulds but, as we know, one thing leads to another resulting in the specialization in the processing and cold-forming of sheet-metal for small and medium series. In the beginning, the headquarters were in the founder’s garage but, in this case too, one thing led to another and the company expanded over the years so now the headquarters is located in that junction that is East Modena. Now let’s unveil the protagonists. The story is that of Malagoli Aldebrando. Three generations combined by the same typically Modena passion for metalworking and manufacturing. But let’s take a step back and remain in the 1970s. Aldebrando, the father of Enrico and Gabriele, started working in his garage to develop equipment and moulds for cold-forming and blanking. That is why, ever since an early age, Enrico e Gabriele have grown up breathing in the air of metalworking in Modena. “Our DNA is made up of two essential elements: the versatility of our products and the innovative spirit that drives us. For three generations, we have maintained intact our passion for manufacturing, but we are always ready for new challenges. This continuous will to grow is what constantly motivates us. Over the years we have, through necessity, innovated, especially by adopting new production technologies such as lasers, robots and advanced programming. These tools enable us to remain leaders in our sector and provide our clients with products and services that always meet their needs,” explains Enrico Malagoli, CEO of Malagoli Aldebrando. The company deals with the design of moulds with skills in the bending and laser cutting of metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper ranging between 0.3 and 20 mm using state-of-the-art machinery. See why masterpieces are made of details? This is the proof. The main products are spare parts destined to a wide range of sectors including automotive, handling, nautical, mechanical-ceramic, sound diffusion and design. “We use laser cutting to make precision components that meet the specific needs of our clients, guaranteeing excellent quality and great precision,” says Malagoli. The company boasts 23 employees with a turnover of €4.3 million and an increasing annual growth of +10% on the Italian and international markets.      

The connection with the territory. But what emerges from this story is that strong connection to Modena, a city renowned for its industrial excellence, its university hub, its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and for the numerous small and medium businesses that have contributed to making Modena-made products synonymous with high-quality on a global level. “Our success and growth derive from this context as we fed off the energy and skill of the local entrepreneurial community,” says Malagoli proudly. But the strength of the territory goes hand in hand with that of the people and with the arrival of new talents. That is why Malagoli Aldebrando is one of the founding members of ITS Maker. The future is made from continuous investment. “As for our company, we are investing to further improve the quality of our services even further and we will continue to do so thus contributing to give continuity to our work and offering opportunities to young local talents. This commitment will enable us to grow sustainably and to continue to serve our clients with excellence also in the future,” concludes Malagoli. How many times have we said this on our journey among Emilian excellencies? The best companies are those that perform best while creating value in the community.

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