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Giacomo Pirazzoli,
born in 1969, is Territory manager of the Ferrara branch of Confindustria Emilia Area Centro. 
After the classical high school diploma, he graduated in Law from the University of Ferrara and finished his training by attending the specialisation course for "Corporate Lawyers", organised by the University of Bologna. 
In 1998 he began his work at the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Ferrara initially dealing with the matter of social security work and safety in the workplace. He carried out consultancy and assistance in this field until January 2004. 
Subsequently, he began to deal with different areas: energy, research and innovation, business financing, industrial legislation and business contracts, transport and quality. 
Since 2003, he has also carried out the task of drafting the main public interventions as well as those on the local media of the Association, other than the activities of elaboration and investigation of the local economic data, in collaboration with the staff of the territory Management. Within the same context, since 2004, he has participated in local economic or technical forums in support of the Chairmanship to represent and support the point of view of the associated companies. 
In 2010 he became Head of the economic area of Unindustria Ferrara, the new body created by the merger of API Industria Ferrara and Confindustria Ferrara, also carrying out coordination and support activities for the colleagues in the reference area. 
In 2012, following the dramatic seismic events of 20th and 29th May, he joined the regional working group set up with the colleagues from the territorial associations of Modena and Reggio Emilia and coordinated, for the territory of Ferrara, consultancy and lobby activities regarding the public contributions and economic concessions for the restart of the production activities.