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FARE INSIEME STARTUP - Ep. 10 - WordLift and that winning SEO for online positioning and for standing out in the attention-grabbing battle

«Helping companies grow is a beautiful mission»



A startup committed to studying and improving the effectiveness of content through metadata and artificial intelligence was set up in Rome in 2017. A shared vision that connects experts, developers, project managers and content specialists. For FARE INSIEME STARTUP, Giampaolo Colletti interviewed Andrea Volpini, CEO & Co-founder of WordLift

FARE INSIEME STARTUP is the spin-off of the FARE INSIEME project dedicated to presenting some businesses that form part of the Primo Ventures portfolio, a company that manages funds specialising in the digital sector and new space economy. Confindustria Emilia has started up a partnership with Primo Ventures with the objective of providing its associates with new opportunities for growth thanks to the presentation of the most innovative start-ups on the market. Here are some of their stories.

by Giampaolo Colletti

Roma caput mundi. To illustrate this next entrepreneurial story we have even gone so far as to trouble the ancient Roman Empire with this expression used by the first Latin poet Lucan in his Pharsalia, as the story we are about to present is set precisely in the Capital and involves people of 14 different nationalities who make up the WordLift team, a company dealing with SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization, and content marketing with a particular focus on the semantic optimization of content. A melting pot in the name of excellence. Just think that we are talking about a global market that earned approximately 68 billion dollars in 2022 as far as SEO is concerned, with the weight of automation in this sector accounting for around 20%. But let’s talk about the startup that is Roman by birth, yet a citizen of the world. The WordLift team includes many people, each bringing with them a unique set of skills. A vision that joins SEO experts, data scientists, developers, project managers and content specialists. “The main dynamics of the reference market for WordLift involve an ongoing evolution of search engine algorithms, the increase in online competition and the growing importance of high-quality content”, reports Andrea Volpini, CEO & Co-founder of WordLift. Initially born as a startup, it has now become a powerful generative artificial intelligence platform. “We offer complete solutions to improve online visibility, increase website traffic and enhance user experience. With us, companies obtain immediate visibility, profits and safe operations for the future thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. We are not just a platform, but rather an actual technology provider for all those companies who want to stand out on the market by offering a competitive advantage in an ever-changing digital world”, stresses Volpini. WordLift is currently working with brands such as Coca-Cola, Enel, Luxottica, Dolce & Gabbana and The Financial Times.

Company profile. The claim is “SEO for everyone”, and it is not just a fluke. Everything started in 2017 with the development of the plugin with the same name, first for WordPress and currently extended to other platforms: content writing and organization and, therefore, its availability on websites is optimized by using semantic and artificial intelligence technologies. By using artificial intelligence, WordLift analyses a text from a website, identifies the key concepts and links them to create a knowledge graph, which enables companies to make their content more understandable by search engines, therefore improving their search engine positioning and increasing organic traffic. WordLift’s success stems from the idea of using open innovation processes within large companies. But research is needed to do this. A tremendous amount of it, continuous and distributed. “When search engines started using structured data and some principles of semantic web in 2011, we started developing the first prototypes for a semantic editor that later became WordLift.  In those years, the collaboration with CNR first and the Salzburg Research Institute later enabled us to develop the heart of the platform that builds knowledge graphs through text analysis”, says Volpini.

The value of data.
The slow growth of death. This is what the Americans say as regards the beginnings of startup SaaS, i.e. Software as a Service, usually linked with entrepreneurial stories featuring blood and tears. “The story of WordLift is not unlike these. The first ten subscriptions have been the most suffered yet the best ones. In the beginning, it was not a given that semantics could help search engines bring measurable benefits to companies. Today, helping companies grow by improving metadata and processes is an incredible source of satisfaction”, says Volpini. Human, technological, cultural and reputational capital. But there is even more. Because, before being a company, WordLift is a community of people who believe in the value of data and in an ethical use of technologies. Volpini is convinced of this. “Helping companies grow is a beautiful mission. Managing to do so in Italy is obviously a source of great pride”.

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