welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe
welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe

Gellify conquers the Middle East


GELLIFY, an innovation platform for the business computer, is opening a branch in Dubai in the Internet City district. With the objective of supplying the B2B innovator community - made up of investors, start-ups and businesses - a single integrated approach, the Italian-based company sets itself up in the Middle East as an international highway for the technological transfer and technology interchange between B2B start-ups in Europe and the Middle East. 
GELLIFY Middle East will be the third branch to open after those in Italy and Spain and it will contribute to revolutionising the business of local companies making them more competitive in the digital age. GELLIFY acts as investor, venture capital, growth advisor, partner for change of organisational culture and a consultant for start-ups and digital transformation. It provides a platform dedicated to the innovation community and a value proposition based on proven methods and resources.
GELLIFY CEO and Founder Fabio Nalucci states that: “We realised the need and opportunity to create a new wave of economic growth in the Middle East that has a potential for setting up direction in the future. By leveraging our B2B technological start-ups, research, digital transformation experience and skill and our community, we can help both the public and private sectors to implement their digital roadmaps. We have invested approximately €15 million in Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain and envisage to replicate this performance over the next three years in the Middle East as well so that our model and skills can be applied on a global level.”GELLIFY also created the ‘EXPLORE’ community to connect entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals on any digital device and where both physical and digital initiatives are set up. The app is available to download on both the App Store and Google Playstore and it is a powerful engine for growth that provides companies with the most advanced GELLIFY start-up technology and skills. 

“Middle Eastern countries are developing with the aim to make businesses and the population grow, envisioning the future of the region as an international hub and the best place to work and live. GELLIFY strongly believes in this ambition and is thrilled to contribute to the ecosystem that will set the course for the future which - as we are learning these days - will be based more than ever on technology to enable and protect health and wealth from disrupting events.  A third of the investment funds raised by the Group will be invested in the setting up of a local team to strengthen start-ups part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) enabling them to grow on an international level.  We are thrilled to roll out our plans in the Middle East starting with the United Arab Emirates then expanding to Saudi Arabia. Our projects include the creation of a Phygital Hub that will be used as a hub and events space where the business and tech community can network and exchange ideas,” explained Massimo Cannizzo, CEO and Co-founder of GELLIFY Middle East.
EXPLORE TALKS COVID-19 SPECIAL - SPECIAL EDITIONIn response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, GELLIFY is the pioneer of an online EXPLORE initiative called "Future-Proof Your Organization with 'Black Swan' Capabilities”. GELLIFY experts and external speakers will discuss how innovative technologies can contribute to creating a more resilient and sustainable economy. Topics will be organised in sessions or online mini-series. Subjects discussed will include digital entrepreneurship, blockchain-supported supply chains, virtual-reality and augmented-reality remote collaboration, risk mitigation via predictive analysis and artificial intelligence, smart-working, cyber-security and much more.  Each session will include expert opinions, pragmatic solutions and use cases that will highlight how digital innovations can mitigate business risk. You can subscribe to the Explore Talks sessions and mini-series for free at www.gellify.com/middle-east/explore-events and join the first session on April 21st 2020.