welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe
welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe

"The good things of Modena"


The production of the biographical documentary on Giorgio Fini, the entrepreneur from Modena, who has become renowned in Italy and abroad for having introduced numerous typical Emilian products, including “tortellini”, pig's trotters and balsamic vinegar, has been concluded.     

Written and produced by the journalist Marco Amendola, 'Giorgio Fini, the good things of Modena' is a documentary that reconstructs the history of the brand, as well as returning an authentic portrait of Giorgio Fini himself, through interviews with his former employees and closest collaborators.   

"Looking at the evolving world with curiosity, sensitivity and attention to make our customers participate and to make them feel protagonists every day: this is the synthesis of an evolution that has always characterised the history of the Gruppo Fini", says the general manager of Gruppo Fini Fabio Ferrari.   

Gruppo Fini, which is a company completely managed by the sole shareholder Holding Carisma, a completely Italian firm, is a food company specialised in the production of fresh stuffed pasta as well as in vegetable preserves, tomato purée and jams branded “Le Conserve della Nonna”.   

"If initially the choice to make the real Modenese tortellino was revolutionary", Ferrari emphasises, "the choice to take on board the mission 'Not only good' was equally innovative, a philosophy that stems from the belief that today speaking about good food is no longer enough. It is right to know where each food product comes from, in which enhancement processes it is involved, if it is safe and nutritionally balanced. A concept declined through the quality of the raw materials and a great attention in the choice of the ingredients, which should be mainly local".    

Watch the trailer of the documentary here