welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe
welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe

Areté, l’agrifood intelligence company: avviata una partnership con CRIF


A four-year industrial plan, with objectives in growth largely focused on innovative data analytics services combined with the consolidated and deep knowledge of the agrifood sector that has always distinguished it: it is primarily to invest in this project that Areté has communicated with satisfaction the entry of CRIF into its capital, a global company specialised in business information and credit information, highly oriented towards innovation and towards the most advanced data analysis systems.

An investment plan has been started designed to strengthen the forecasting and data analytics services, which are already active in Areté, extending them to new functions and products but also, in perspective, to new geographical areas” -  explains the Areté CEO Enrica Gentile. “The strong knowledge of the agrifood sector, on which our services have been based for years, will integrate more and more closely with the most advanced data science and business analytics tools to provide products, which are increasingly capable of modelling and solving complex problems and of anticipating with immediate answers, what we can expect from the future. We are working, among others, on demand planning services and data-driven systems for the optimisation of prices along the supply chains and for the planning of the production and sales in agrifood companies. CRIF has believed in this project and we are confident that it will play a strategic role in accelerating and supporting its implementation".

Areté, which boasts leading groups of agribusiness and Italian and European food, among its customers, including Barilla, Granarolo, Eridania, Syngenta, Lindt, Cereal Docks, Fabbri to cite but a few, as well as many of the main international institutions linked to the agrifood world, is the Italian leader in forecasting services on commodity prices for food use. A system through which the company has contributed, over the last ten years, to change the way of approaching the purchases and sales of raw materials in the sector. But the company is also one of the European references in the analysis of the impacts of the policies applied to the agrifood sector as well as a leading player in the investment operations in the agro-industrial sector by collaborating with some of the main funds in the country.