welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe
welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe

Colibrì’s commitment to research is acknowledged worldwide


Also the most recent scientific publications keep up the tradition whereby the distinguishing characteristics of the Colibrì Hospital Consortium and of the 20 participating health and health & social care facilities spread across Emilia-Romagna are the significant and constant investment in quality, scientific research, technological innovation and in the fine-tuning of management systems, with the purpose of always ensuring top service supply and performance. The final objective is that of making a positive contribution to the development of community and individual health.

The first example comes from the last very recent publication of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, where some of the healthcare figures of the Accredited Hospital Facility Villa Bellombra and of the Accredited Hospital Facility Santa Viola are involved in a major way in the paper on the stroke and on its neuropsychological consequences, through an original correlation with state-of-the-art neuroradiological imaging techniques. Moreover one must mention the well-respected collaboration of Professor Georg Northoff, of the University of Ottawa, universally considered a truly “big scientist”.  You can find the publication here.

The second example is the new publication of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology (which correlates in an original way the pituitary function and some types of brain haemorrhage), in which the Accredited Hospital Facility Santa Viola is indirectly involved. The health workers of the facility have been involved in the delivery of test results and in the production of assessments of patients targeted by the study, crucially supporting the work of their colleagues working at Bellaria Hospital as neurologists neurosurgeons, anaesthesiologists and endocrinologists, in a partnership which the colleagues themselves have acknowledged as being extremely important in the formal final Acknowledgements. You can find the publication here.

In practice, the applied scientific research (translational)  which is carried out by the various companies of the consortium (health and health & social care) strengthens the relationship between the professionals of the various companies which are involved in the studies, most of which are multicentre, and promotes an essential transdisciplinary and interprofessional integration of knowledge and skills, with important practical consequences, both on the maintenance of high welfare standards and on the promotion of organisational innovations such as integrated clinical-welfare paths.

The articles on scientific publications are on the one hand a rightful merit of the medical-health professional component, vouching for a clear transversality of the knowledge and skills of the professionals of the various facilities belonging to the “Colibrì” model, the only one of its kind in Italy, and on the other hand they attest to the foresight of the Consortium’s top management which facilitates their production.