welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe
welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe

Expert.ai expands its influence on the French insurance market


Le Conservateur, a French independent mutual insurance company group, has chosen the artificial intelligence technology of expert.ai to hasten the contract revision and verification process.

The interest for advanced solutions for the streamlining and automation of processed based on the understanding and processing of unstructured data such as insurance policies, i.e. documents written using natural language, keeps growing. The expert.ai artificial intelligence platform takes advantage of its capability of understanding the language to process text information with the maximum accuracy, providing the flexibility and scalability required by organizations.

The advanced functions of expert.ai for the insurance market (expert.ai for Insurance) enable an automated reading and analysis of contracts in order to extract the most relevant information from them. Thanks to the understanding of the natural language and expert.ai’s deep knowledge of the sector, insurance processes are streamlined, increasing human capacities and applying the experience of professional consultants on a large scale.

Bruno Lamard, Operations manager 
at Le Conservateur, stated that: "For Le Conservateur, the maximum priority is the quality of the service combined with the attention for our clients. Expert.ai’s artificial intelligence technology will enable us to be more efficient when it comes to automatically verifying contracts and their specific clauses, thus making it possible to pursue our objective of achieving excellent relationships with our clients.” 

Expert.ai can count on an extensive and consolidated experience gained thanks to some of the leading insurance and reinsurance Groups in the world to submit specific solutions to companies, offering quick implementation with a swift return on the investment.

Mounir GHODBANE, Insurance manager 
at expert.ai France, commented that: “Expert.ai’s artificial intelligence has proven it can add great value to insurance companies, which must process a large amount of lengthy and complex documents every day. We are proud of the trust Le Conservateur has placed in us to support innovation projects focused on the processing of natural language.”