welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe
welcome to the manufacturing heart of Europe

Pelliconi launches an e-commerce for the customisation of the packaging of caps


Pelliconi launches its e-shop, which offers the possibility of purchasing customisable caps even in small batches and that can be configured directly by users online. The historical Italian company, world leader in the production of caps, has, in fact, developed a new digital printing technology on metal caps and has defined a dedicated commercial strategy, based mainly on digital online channels.

The technology, developed and patented in partnership with the SmartJet startup, subverts the traditional logic of economy of scale that governs the production process of the iconic crown cap, which has always been optimised for production in very large quantities. Pelliconi has therefore invested to innovate this mechanism, developing a digital printing technology. This technology, which is already widely spread in other sectors, today becomes a reality also in the world of metal packaging, offering countless opportunities for customisation.

To introduce the innovative service to the market, Pelliconi has created a new brand, called P•ink, which offers the customer the possibility of giving its own image to the cap even to the small and medium craft breweries, a sector in huge growth, which until yesterday mainly used anonymous caps. But not only that, even private homebrewer enthusiasts will have a flexibility that was not possible until yesterday.

Creating infinite different graphics becomes easily accessible thanks to an e-commerce with an international scope. Pelliconi has entrusted the Deliverti startup with the creation of its official online sales channel. The platform will not only allow the customer the choice between different types of products, and different batches from 50 to 100,000 caps, but also and above all a considerable level of customisation, playing on the motto: the cap's sky is your palette.

By means of a user-friendly 3D configurator, the customer can make the purchase according to his/her needs in a few steps: loading of the image and text, customisation, preview of the configured cap, choice of the desired quantity of caps. However, customisation does not stop here; in fact, it will be possible to select some special effects, such as embossed surfaces, and contact the company for any request: the only limit will be that imposed by creativity. To complete the service it will also be possible to customise the labels and finally get a customised packaging from head to toe even in small quantities and just a few clicks away. The functionality for fast production will also be included for companies and individual professionals who intend to carry out last minute campaigns.

The online platform at www.p-ink.shop from today revolves all around the user experience. Thanks to the suggestions of use that will arise, it will be possible to succeed in the difficult task of inspiring the customer and above all to make a notoriously industrial product usable even to non-experts.

With this new e-commerce, Pelliconi creates a new business model focused on digital to meet the needs of a rapidly growing sector and of an evolving market online. Efficiencies and optimisations of the internal processes will be driven by various technological integrations between the various systems that govern the entire value creation chain, from customer acquisition and customer loyalty to the production process and shipments.

P-ink.shop will be constantly evolving with new products and functions in the months to come, in order to meet the needs of its beneficiaries in an always innovative and dynamic way, with a view to expanding the P•ink brand at an international level.